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Root Beer of the Month Club
Treat yourself to unique and wonderful craft root beers each month
from all around the country,
or offer a club subscription as the perfect gift!

No sign-up fees. No monthly dues.
Subscriptions purchased after the 15th of the month
will begin the following month, unless otherwise specified.

For more information regarding billing, shipping, etc,
please click here to view our FAQ section.

Root-Beer-of-the-Month Club

  • A 6-pack of the "Root Beer of the Month" shipped to you each month.
Per Month

+ $17
Shipping & Packaging
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Root-Beer-of-the-Month Club

  • A 12-pack of the "Root Beer of the Month" shipped to you each month.
Per Month

+ $22
Shipping & Packaging
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Past Root Beer of the Month Brands:
November 2013 AAA Root Beer
October 2013 Rocky Mountain Root Beer
September 2013 Mt. Angel Root Beer
August 2013 Appalachian Root Beer
July 2013 Myers Avenue Red Root Beer
June 2013 Druthers Black Cow Root Beer
May 2013 Americana Root Beer
April 2013 Dr. McGillicuddy's Root Beer
March 2013
Old Town Root Beer
February 2013 Dang Root Beer
January 2013 Goose Island Root Beer
December 2012 Steelhead Root Beer
November 2012 Sprecher Root Beer
October 2012 Sioux City Root Beer
September 2012 Zuberfizz Root Beer
August 2012 Bedford's Root Beer
July 2012 Crater Lake Root Beer
June 2012 Avery's Root Beer
May 2012 Captn' Eli's Root Beer
April 2012 Dougie Dog Root Beer
March 2012 Cool Mountain Root Beer
February 2012 Iron Horse Root Beer
January 2012 Sprecher Root Beer
December 2011 Abita Root Beer
November 2011 Old Brooklyn Root Beer
October 2011 Barrel Brother's Root Beer
September 2011 Boyland's Root Beer
August 2011 Tommy Knocker Root Beer
July 2011 Bulldog Root Beer
June 2011 Frostie Root Beer
May 2011 Route 66 Root Beer
April 2011 Buckin' Root Beer
March 2011 Stewart's Root Beer
February 2011 River City Root Beer
January 2011 Triple XXX Root Beer
December 2010 Filberts Root Beer