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12RBM   12-Pack Root Beer of the Month Club
M-RB   13 oz Mug with "The Root Beer Store" Etched Graphic.
6RBM   6-Pack Root Beer of the Month Club
R-AAW   A&W Root Beer, Plano, TX
R-AB   Abita Root Beer, Abita Springs, LA
R-AJB   AJ Stephans Birch Beer 12 oz. Massachusetts
R-AJ   AJ Stephans Root Beer, Fall River, MA
R-AJS   AJ Stephans Sasparilla 12 oz. Massachusetts
R-AM   Americana Root Beer Mukilteo, WA
R-AN   Anchor Ginger Root Beer Mukilteo, WA
R-APP   Apple Beer 12 oz.
R-AV   Avery's Root Beer 12 oz. New Britain, CT
R-BA   Barrel Brothers Creamy Vanilla Root Beer, Salt Lake City, UT
H-ARBE   Baseball Cap "Association of Root Beer Enthusiasts"
R-BAU   Baumeister Root Beer, Green Bay, WI
R-BA10   Bawls Guarana Root Beer, Miami, FL
R-BD   Bedford's Root Beer, Port Angeles, WA
R-BE   Berghoff Root Beer, Monroe, WI
R-BB   Big Ben Root Beer, Mukilteo, WA
KEG-BEL   Big E Brewing Keg, Large, Half Barrel
T-RB-B   Black T-Shirt "The Root Beer Store"
R-BO   Boylan Root Beer, Moonachie, NJ
R-BOB   Boylands Birch Beer 12 oz. New Jersey
R-BRO   Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer Mukilteo, WA
R-BU   Buckin' Root Beer, Jackson, WY
R-BL   Bulldog Root Beer, Mukilteo, WA
R-BUN   Bundaberg Root Beer, Queensland, Australia
R-CAP   Capone Family Secret Root Beer, Chicago, IL
R-CA   Capt'n Eli's Root Beer, Portland, ME
R-CAR   Caruso Root Beer, Redding, CA
CMRBKIT   Caveman Root Beer Making Kit
R-CH   Chicago Root Beer, 12 oz. Chicago, IL
R-CO   Cool Mountain Gourmet Root Beer, Des Plaines, IL
R-COO   Coopers Cave Root Beer, Glens Falls, NY
R-CRA   Crater Lake Root Beer, Portland, OR
R-DA   Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer, Jasper, IN
R-DANB   Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer, Milwaukee, WI
R-DAN   Dang! Root Beer, Milwaukee, WI
R-DEA   Death Valley Root Beer, Inyokern, CA
R-BE-D   Diet Berghoff Root Beer, Monroe, WI
R-DA-D   Diet Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer, Jasper, IN
R-EM-D   Diet Empire Bottling Works Root Beer, Bristol, RI
R-FIL-D   Diet Filbert's Root Beer 12 oz. Chicago
R-FI-D   Diet Fitz's St. Louis Root Beer 12 oz. Missouri
R-FR-D   Diet Frostie Root Beer 12 oz. Michigan
R-GR-D   Diet Gray's Gourmet Root Beer 12 oz. Wisconsin
R-IB-D   Diet IBC Amber Longnecks Root Beer 12 oz. New York
R-SA-D   Diet Saranac Root Beer 12 oz. New York
R-SP16-D   Diet Sprecher Microbrews Root Beer 16 oz. Wisconsin
R-SQ-D   Diet Squamscot Root Beer 12 oz. New Hampshire
R-TH-D   Diet Thomas Kemper Microbrewed Root Beer 12 oz. Oregon
R-VI-D   Diet Virgil's Root Beer Sweetened With Stevia 12 oz. California
R-DO   Dog N Suds Root Beer, Chicago, IL
R-DOR   Dorothy's Root Beer, Eli, MN
R-DR   Dr. Brown's Root Beer, College Point, NY
R-MC   Dr. McGillicuddy's Root Beer, New Orleans
R-DRU   Druthers Black Cow Vanilla Creme Root Beer 12 oz. Oglesby, Illinois
R-EM   Empire Bottling Works Root Beer, Bristol, RI
R-ERI   Eric's Famous Root Beer, Mill Creek, WA
R-FA   Faygo Root Beer, Detroit, MI
R-FIL   Filbert's Root Beer, Chicago, IL
R-FIR   Fireman's Root Beer, Inyokern, CA
R-FI   Fitz's Root Beer, St. Louis, MO
R-FOX   Foxon Park Root Beer, East Haven, CT
R-FR   Frostie Root Beer, Detoit, MI
R-FR-V   Frostie Vanilla Root Beer, Detroit, MI
R-FRO   Frostop Root Beer, Columbus, OH
R-GA   Gale's Root Beer, Riverwoods, IL
R-GE   Gene Autry Root Beer 12 oz. Camarillo, CA
GRBE   Gnome Root Beer Extract
ARBE-GOLD   GOLD ARBE Membership Package (1-year)
R-GO   Goose Island Root Beer, Chicago, IL
R-GR   Gray's Root Beer, Janesville, WI
H-LD   Hammond's Old Fashioned Licorice Drops
R-HK   Hanks Root Beer, Trevose, PA
R-HE   Henry Weinhard's Root Beer, Fort Worth, TX
R-HP   Hippo Root Beer, Mukilteo, WA
R-HOS   Hosmer Root Beer, Willimantic, CT
R-IB   IBC Root Beer, Dallas, TX
R-3D   III Dachshunds Root Beer, Oak Creek, WI
R-IR   Iron Horse Root Beer, Edina, MN
R-JA   Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer, Gardena, CA
R-JOH   Johnnie Ryan Root Beer, Niagra Falls, NY
R-JON   Jones Soda Root Beer, Seattle, WA
R-JU   Judge Wapner Root Beer, Gardena, CA
R-KU   Kutztown Root Beer, Kutztown, PA
R-LA   Langers Root Beer, City of Industry, CA
R-LIO   Lion Brewery Root Beer, Wilkes-Barre, PA
R-MA-O   Maine Root Beer, Portland, ME
R-MAR   Margo's Bark Root Beer, Los Angeles, CA
R-MA   Mason's Root Beer, Atlanta, GA
R-MTA   Mount Angel Root Beer, Oregon
RBKIT   Mr. Root Beer Making Kit
R-MY   Myers Avenue Red Root Beer, Naperville, IL
R-NB   Natural Brew Root Beer, Chico, CA
R-OSO   O-So Butterscotch Root Beer, Mukilteo, WA
R-PHI   Old Philadelphia Root Beer, Philadelphia, PA
R-ORE   Old Red Eye Root Beer, Washington
R-OT   Old Town Root Beer 12oz. California
R-OLDB   Olde Brooklyn Birch Beer 12 oz. Brooklyn
R-OLD   Olde Brooklyn Root Beer, Whitestone, NY
R-OL   Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer, Britstol, RI
R-OO   Oogave Root Beer, Denver, CO
ARBE-PLATINUM   PLATINUM ARBE Membership Package (1-year)
R-POI   Point Premium Root Beer, Stevens Point, WI
R-PS   Pop Shoppe Root Beer, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
RCSE   Rainbow Cream Soda Extract
RRBE   Rainbow Root Beer Extract
R-RE   Red Arrow Root Beer 12 oz. Mulkiteo, WA
KEG-TAP   Rental Keg Tap
R-RI   River City Root Beer, Sacramento, CA
R-ROC   Rocketfizz Root Beer Float 12 oz. Camarillo, CA
R-RM   Rocky Mountain Root Beer 12 oz. Colorado
R-RO   Route 66 Root Beer, Lebanon, MO
R-SA   Saranac Root Beer, Utica, NY
R-SE   Sea Dog Root Beer, Portland, ME
R-SI   Sioux City Root Beer, Whitestone, NY
R-BUS   Snake River Sasparilla 12 oz. Wyoming
R-SD   So Duh! Root Beer, San Jose, CA
R-SP22   Sparky's Fresh Draft Root Beer Large 22oz. California
R-SP   Sparky's Fresh Draft Root Beer, Pacific Grove, CA
R-SP16   Sprecher Root Beer, Glendale, WI
R-SPR   Spring Grove Root Beer, Spring Grove, MN
R-SQ   Squamscot Root Beer, Newfields, NH
R-STE   Steelhead Root Beer 12 oz. Oregon
R-ST   Stewart's Root Beer, Rye Brook, NY
R-TH   Thomas Kemper Root Beer, Portland, OR
R-TK   Tommyknocker Root Beer, Idaho Springs, CO
R-TJ   Trader Joe Root Beer, Monrovia, CA
R-AAA   Triple AAA Root Beer Oklahoma
R-TR   Triple XXX Root Beer, La Fayette, IN
12PAC1   Variety 12 Pack #1
12PAC2   Variety 12 Pack #2
48PAC   Variety Pack of 48 Different Root Beers!!!
R-VI   Virgils Root Beer, Los Angeles, CA
R-WA   Waialua Root Beer, Waialua, HI
T-RB   White T-Shirt "The Root Beer Store"
ZRBE   Zatarains Root Beer Extract
R-ZU   Zuberfizz Root Beer, Durango, CO

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