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  Zuberfizz Root Beer, Durango, CO


Product Code: R-ZU

Description Technical Specs
Since 2002, Durango, CO operated Zuberfizz has been pleasing the taste buds of soda lovers both young and old with old-fashioned, tickle-your-nose soda pop. With an already overpopulated local beer industry, Durango native Bandon Zuber began experimenting with small batches of soda at home, and selling it through local mom and pop restaurants until it became the creamy Zuberfizz we know and love today. Each batch is handcrafted in small quantities with fresh Rocky Mountain water from the San Juans. The finished product is then transferred to glass bottles - a superior container to aluminum or plastic for both taste and the environment. So twist one off and drink it down. It's the real deal.