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  Route 66 Root Beer, Lebanon, MO


Product Code: R-RO
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Description Technical Specs
"World Famous" Route 66 Root Beer is named after the iconic highway that stretched between Chicago and Santa Monica. It is produced by the Route 66 Soda Company under the highest standards using a unique recipe that dates back to 1996, and is packaged in award winning glass bottles. This has the standard root beer flavors with creamy hints of vanilla and a healthy dose of spices. It is well carbonated and foams up high when poured. Yet it also has a sweet creamy finish with vanilla the dominant flavor. This brew has a classic non-mainstream taste Ė the sweet bite that you donít get in some of the more well-known but less gourmet root beers. It goes down smoothly and unpretentiously, disappearing all too quickly. But not to worry, you can always crack open another bottle and keep the delicious fun going! You can truly get your kicks, on Route 66.