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  River City Root Beer, Sacramento, CA


Product Code: R-RI

Description Technical Specs
"River City brings back memories of a time gone by. When the sky was bluer and the clouds whiter and the breeze of the river kept you cooler. Enjoy doggone good soda pop the way it used to be!"

This amazing root beer was created with love right in the heart of the River City. Janet and Bob Lake of Blue Dog Beverage have created this soda with nostalgia in mind. This soda harkens for a simpler time. River City Root Beer is like no other root beer, and was specifically made for Root Beer Floats.
River City Root Beer makes a truly old fashioned root beer using all natural flavors thatís like no other. It is a very rich and creamy root beer soda. The dark sassafras flavor is accented by lots of wintergreen and vanilla. Hints of licorice surface along with other spices to complement the main flavors without overpowering them. Its aftertaste is sweet vanilla and wintergreen.