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  Boylan Root Beer, Moonachie, NJ


Product Code: R-BO

Boylan Bottling’s hand crafted, cane sugar sweetened sodas harken back to a time when sodas were all about flavor, instead of syrupy sweetness, excessive carbonation and convenience. This root beer has a rich and spicy sassafras flavor, thanks to its blend of cinnamon, anise, black pepper, mushroom, sweet birch, extracts of chocolate and coffee, vanilla, and wintergreen oil. Sounds complex, but the end result is an authentic, traditional tasting root beer with only a subtle creamy note. Boylan Root Beer is a highly refreshing and fully thirst quenching soda. Using cane sugar, this beverage has a clean consistency. In addition, the flavor is sweet and has a very mild birch finish. This root beer is a top-notch beverage!
Pure Cane Sugar, Caffeine Free, Kosher